Are you in the Matrix?

You are a slave, Neo.

Each of these 0s and 1s is significant.

Hello. I’ve been waiting for you.

You’d be welcomed with an embrace, but dangerous roller coaster rides don’t need to sell pulsating excitement — they declare grave warnings.

All of our lives have led to this moment. Why? You’ll have to decipher that on your own. Ride this out.

So, there’s just one question that needs to be answered.

Is your reality a simulation? Are things real? Are you in the Matrix?

Let me assist you with your seatbelt.

But what is a simulation? Simulation is a model designed and controlled to imitate reality to train its subjects for the desired purpose.

The answer is yes. I came here to open your eyes to the dazzling light. Notice the shining red bulbs on your wagon?

If this isn’t how you spend your weekends, leave. I am sure that the vodka you drink, turns this macabre life bearable.

Have your paper bag ready? Onwards we go.

The journey begins.

Remember, you chose to ride.

Part Une: Codes — The chains that bind you.

What is the code?

A set of program instructions. Or conventions or moral principles governing behavior. In a nutshell, they are rules that must be obeyed.

Simply put, code is a way a programmer controls how a machine operates for him based on his perception of reality.

And, what is your reality?

Your reality is a model that runs on certain instructions or codes, most of which run without any need for your consent.

What are your reality’s codes? What are the rules that you follow?

These rules are omnipresent. You only need to look.

Look at your clothes. Are you wearing the same polo shirt that everyone else is wearing at work? That’s your dress code.

Bite your cookie. Do you eat the food that everyone else is eating at home? That’s your dietary rule.

Watch your movie. Did you pretend to like The Joker when your squad raved about it? That’s your group convention.

Visit your church. You consider homosexuals as abominations because your priest preaches that every Sunday in his sermon? That’s your religious belief.

Say what you think. Are you compelled to be quiet about sexuality because it would be brash and vulgar? That’s your cultural programming.

Go out and vote. Do you choose your government based on the rhetoric of favorite politicians? Do you consider yourself right or left-winged? That’s your political side.

Are you a person that swallows the world’s beliefs or do you cook your own rules? Are you programmed or do you create your programming? Most of us can be standardized by our circumstances. We define ourselves through the family, religion, city, and country of our birth. And then we were further clustered by the schools, pop culture, and media to which we were exposed. We are commoditized by our consumption.

Then, what are you? Nothing but a machine programmed to power the lives of more intelligent machines. Machines that sell you their commodities. Machines that want you to work, consume and die.

The world you see is a dream, a set of machine codes meant to keep in you in your second womb — impeding you from living.

Codes are all-pervading. From your dietary regimen to the rules by which you pay your taxes.

Collective power or Individual fragility? Decide your own meaning.

Every code is a chain created to bind you in a collective. Collectives exist everywhere — from your family to your friend circles, from your political affiliations to your national citizenship. And they promise you certain rewards in return of your silent assent to their rules. You are asked to conform. Compelled to obey. Binding you, limiting your movement in invisible ways.

But should the world’s codes be obeyed? Why do they exist?

Hold on, the walls might just close in on you.

Part Deux: Rulers and Agents

A US Navy sailor kisses a nurse at Times Square, NY, upon hearing the news of the Japanese surrender in World War II.

On Aug. 14, 1945, known as V-J Day, the Japanese surrendered. People upon hearing the news spilled out into the streets in ecstasy. The soldiers had sacrificed their blood and brought victory.

But there were also others working in the shadows. What did they do? Ensured that warriors didn’t storm unknown lands with their balls hanging. There was one obscure man, who was highly instrumental. He played a pivotal role by cracking intercepted coded messages that dealt fatal blows to the Nazis in many crucial battles. Doing so, he grasped glory without firing a single bullet.

The man is also widely conferred as the father of computer science and artificial intelligence. Yes, he cracked the code of the astute machines that now rule over us.

Alan Turing was found dead in his apartment in 1954. Along his bed lay a half-eaten apple through which he had committed suicide. Cyanide poisoning. Before passing away, he was found guilty of ‘gross indecency’ and was sentenced to house probation. Forced to undergo a torturous hormonal treatment designed to reduce his libido, he spent his last days in deep woe and agony.

His gross indecency? Homosexuality. At the time, it was labeled immoral according to the Catholic church, the British laws, western society, and its families. All of this, in one of the nations fighting on the side of freedom in the war.

Did he deserve to be treated so appallingly? Was he to be considered immoral for such punishment because he broke the law? You decide.

Is the crisp joint that you smoke every weekend legal in your country? Were women in your society allowed to work fifty years ago?

What is good may not be legal. Socially accepted practices aren’t always moral.

Then, why do these rules exist? No one ever created something without a motive.

Why don’t we observe the architects who created the illusion? Why don’t we look at those who set the rules?

Rulers. The ones with power. The shepherd letting you graze his grass for your wool. He promises his rewards to those that seek them. The grass could be more money or social acceptance or something similar. Anything desired by sheep in herds.

Will your politicians support LGBT rights if it costs them votes? No, they’re too afraid of losing the next election. Homosexuality was decriminalized only in 1967 in the UK after civil rights groups spent years spreading awareness.

Does our government change laws to let themselves off the hook for their own misdeeds? Absolutely. In 2016, the Indian Lok Sabha passed a bill that rescued political parties from legal punishment for violating laws on foreign funding.

Did your school teacher stop hitting you with a cane after you reached a certain age? Of course. Continuing the practice would have only resulted in a collective mutiny against his tyranny.

Will your conservative parents support you in marrying your girl from a different caste or race? Only conditionally. They might do so if you are ready to leave if they refuse. If your more modern family members join your cause.

The code safeguards the basest needs of the rulers. And, what need is that?

Control. Because the shepherd needs his wool.

But, who enforces their control?

Squares in sharp suits.

The Agent. Working for the ruler, he sees his chains but believes that the rewards of the ruler are the keys to his cage. Vouching to keep the sheep in-line for the shepherd, he craves meat to build his muscles to become capable to hunt by himself. So the agent decides to keep himself chained momentarily to avoid risk and fantasizes about power in the future.

But like the dreams that come when you fall asleep, there comes a time when the agent is deluded that he is the ruler, forgetting about the chains still tugging over his ankle. And as soon as he leaps, he trips. His chin crashed on the granite floor. Like in any dream that turns into a nightmare, the agent has to wake up. Wiping the blood off his face, he realizes that his power is an illusion. Without freedom, the ruler can snatch it away anytime he wants.

Freedom is having power over yourself.

Alan Turing had immensely helped in winning World War II. Created the foundation stone for the development of Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science. But as soon as he revealed his sexual orientation, he was given the hard end of the boot by the same powers he had helped. Whatever he had achieved for them did not matter. It was insignificant that he was one of their top agents. Control won over humanity.

Another glass facade that needs to shatter. Every human ruler you see on television giving chest-thumping speeches and promises — is just an agent controlled by the actual ruler. The shrewd machines who are experts in fooling the sheep into a herd.

Who then, breaks free?

Part Trois: Change and Codebreakers, aka the Breakers of Chains

A plaque commemorating Turing.

Ages ago, there lived a chimp named Eon. The chimp was mourning, seeing the remains of his mother Ryma in front of him. Ryma’s body had been raped and killed by another chimp from his tribe. Eon was now alone. His father was already gone. Yelling in exasperation, he picked up one of her femur bones and slammed it against her skull. It wasn’t enough. The excruciating pain in his heart still searing, he kept on slamming.

On the seventh time, the skull broke. Eon’s eyes grew wide in bewilderment. He looked at the bone in his hand and then turned to the skull that lay broken in front of him. The sun, revealing itself from the refuge of clouds, shone upon him.

Within a year, Eon had become the leader of his tribe — and his tribe had defeated all the other tribes in their forest. He finally avenged his mother, by ramming the primitive’s jaw with a femur bone.

Soon, everyone else in his tribe began fighting with bones. And eventually, every chimp in the forest bowed to Eon.

Turing was wrongly punished for his homosexuality. But the world didn’t have some sudden epiphany about the degeneracy of his torture while sipping on black coffee in the morning.

In 2016, Pope Francis of the Catholic Church publicly recognized that homosexuality is an orientation and not an illness. And he implored the church to be more tolerant of it.

In 1967, the UK government finally decriminalized homosexuality after many LGBT groups had spread awareness and put pressure on the government.

LGBT groups were formed when brave men came out of the closet boldly. They liberated others who also wanted to be free.

This is how real lasting change starts — from one individual. Men daring to live. Men that do not conform.

One courageous man changing other members of his family. One brave family standing up to other families within their neighborhood society. A single social group transforming other societies within their nation. And voila! It finally becomes a Presidential election issue.

The Eons and Turings are codebreakers. Breaking the world’s chains, they create change.

Severing the strings on yourself doesn’t come without consequences. Sometimes codebreakers break more chains than one and suffer for it.

In 1983, in the United States, a son was born to an officer in the coast guard and a district court clerk. He had a sister who became a lawyer at a federal court. His grandfather? A senior official in the FBI. The kid grew up to become a “computer wizard” and voluntarily enlisted for the Iraq war in 2004. He then went on to work for the CIA and the NSA at top-level positions.

In 2013, Edward Snowden leaked documents that showed that the US government and its intelligence agencies were spying on its citizens. As you can now surmise, some of the spying was legally allowed.

Fearing legal consequences, he settled for asylum in Russia and decided to continue the fight — informing people of the freedoms being taken from them.

Snowden is often called unpatriotic and traitor by many American people. He considers himself as a whistleblower when others call him a leaker. Was he a patriot? Born in a family with a history of devoted service to the government. He had volunteered to fight and risk his life in the Iraq war.

So, what changed?

Maybe he just had one simple revelation that transformed everything.

Snowden’s Twitter Profile.

Patriotism can’t be defined by the government.

Snowden had broken codes from the levels of his family upbringing — his family history was of faithful government service — to the levels of American laws of treason. He took a huge risk for his own beliefs.

He held his own code in direct conflict with that of the world and against the CIA and NSA — its most powerful organizations.

What does that tell us? To be a codebreaker, one needs balls big enough to ask the world to fuck off. You need the bravado of Achilles to stand up to a powerful Agamemnon.

Up for a rebellion against the rulers? Want to fight agents? Now now, sit back down on your couch. Put down your pitchfork. Some questions still remain unresolved before we kick off this revolution.

Why are you and the others controlled? Why do you follow when you could lead? Before hearing the truth, you’ll need a bite of a choco-chip cookie.

Part Quatre: Herds and Identity

A choco-chip cookie and its warmth.

In 1972, a British scientist tried to warn the world against one of the most deadly and addictive substances that exist. He wrote a book called ‘Pure, White and Deadly’ to explain his findings. However, his reputation and career were ruined by nutritionists and the food industry.

In 1995, John Yudkin died unknown and disappointed, as the people around him kept relishing their share of delectable ice cream or gulping down coke. The white substance he was warning about wasn’t cocaine. It was sugar.

Recently, it was revealed that in 1967, sugar companies had funded(bribed) certain Harvard research studies to show that fat — not sugar — was the main cause of obesity and heart disease. Now we finally know that sugar is extremely harmful for us. It is addictive and creates a fleeting moment of “happiness.” A dopamine kick we call ‘sugar rush’.

This helps in relieving the stress momentarily. But soon, when the kick is done, the stress comes back monstrously more than ever. And now you need an even bigger dose of dopamine to slay the monster. The vicious cycle continues to roll on.

Now that you know, will you abandon sugar? Will you strenuously reject the delectable desserts offered to you every day? As always, the truth is provocative. Most of us aren’t strong enough to break free.

We essentially give up our freedom for our craving for dopamine kicks. Our chains are addictive because they are comfortable.

Let me dare explain.

Animals with consciousness, there’s one question haunting each one of us when we come home every night.

Who am I and why do I exist?

Our need for identity. We yearn for meaning.

We want to build our own code.

This search for one’s self is a trek that will burn off the fat in your brain. Throws off all the pretenses of your identity off its cliffs as you keep climbing higher trying to reach the ever-elusive peak.

And the search for the answer fills you with stress because of its dark uncertainty.

This trek is similar to a green veggie that’s hard to ingest — and so we reach for the cookies to feel right as rain once again. But with each iteration, the number of cookies needed increases. And behold, you are now obese. Just waiting for your next cookie.

Every collective asks you to follow its code where the cookie is packaged by the ruler as a cure.

A person joins a collective because they fear the trek and want to feel comfortable right now. They eat the cookie because they can’t ingest the veggie.

They want their friends to tell them that their redshirt looks great. They need to be reassured that bank balances define the extent of happiness in life. Choosing to be brainwashed that being a liberal or conservative will make their nation great. Being hopelessly convinced that whatever they’re reading on their screen — is unquestionably correct and will make their life better.

They want to be told repeatedly who they are and what they are supposed to do in life.

And so they just choose what every other sheep in the herd chose — to be directed where they should graze.

They are caged because they choose to be.

But can’t the rulers just set them free?

Liberty gifted from the top destroys civilization — as seen in democracies that the US tried to ‘birth’ in the Middle East. If the shepherd abruptly frees the herd — they’ll destroy all the crops of the land. The sheep, confused by their sudden unearned power, run amok until the next shepherd comes along with his cookies and promises.

Instead, countries where people fought for freedom and democracy over a sustained period — like India, have survived their freedom. Which is why the misguided do-gooders are implored to understand this simple heuristic:

One must not free someone who never even rattled their cage.

One cannot cage someone who wants to be free — forever.

Men who truly yearn for freedom — will find their own way.

People live in bondage only because of their soothing inertia of inaction.

Do you think you’re the one? Want your taste of freedom? Nothing good ever came easy.

For doubting the collective, you’ll be first sprinkled with guilt. You will be told that your homosexuality is sinful. To conquer someone else’s guilt-tripping, develop your own ethics.

While putting those doubts out in the open in front of the herd, you’ll be dipped in shame. You will be painted as an unpatriotic traitor for your stare down with the NSA spies. To vanquish the world’s jeering, one must laugh at the sheep unabashed.

As you contemplate leaving the zoo’s cage, you’ll be burnt with fear. Your career as a nutritionist will be threatened to be ruined for revealing that sugar is bad. To kill the fear within, you’ll need to make a choice.

Part Cinq: The illusion of choice and our biological codes

The right one or the left one?

The choice between a bigger cookie and hunger.

The choice between more Instagram likes and social isolation.

Between certainty and failure.

Either comfort or sadness.

Ego or nothingness.

The choice between being an agent or an outcast.

The rulers aren’t worthy of blame because most of us will opt for the former. We’ll choose servitude over freedom. We’d chain ourselves up even if we had the keys. Because we fail to see through their trickery in the choice offered to us.

We see hunger when we should see hunting. You fail to get data privacy while getting lost in the facade of social isolation. Mistaking risk as a failure, you let the machines win.

Most of you won’t dare flirt with Natasha. Meanwhile, Brad takes her out because he just wants to have fun. That is the point of flirting — enjoying the thrill of the chase. The thrill only exists because of the possibility of rejection.

Skydiving is fun only because of the possibility of hitting the ground and splitting your skull.

So, what else could you have done? Maybe discard comfort for the search for happiness. Could have risked having the feeling of nothingness to find your identity. Might have chosen to be a codebreaker at the risk of being an outcast.

Taking risks unfazed by fear. This is the final challenge in the path of becoming a Codebreaker.

But you truly overcome fear only on loving something immensely more than your own life. This is how you become larger than life and truly live. Love with all the depth in your heart, and the scars to your soul turn into badges. Make no mistake, the loving is living.

Heroes aren’t devoid of fear. They aren’t born brave. As they learn to love, the only fear that remains within them is the fear of not loving.

This is the codebreaker persona. A man who celebrates the world’s wounds inflicted on his soul and heart. Who flaunts the scars on his image or ego — as milestones of the path of loving. Why? Because he chooses to.

But you must ask yourself, are you really choosing?

Whatever you know, this world has shown you.

Have you ever bought a mobile phone? Did your brother recommend that phone to you? Or did you see an advertisement in a YouTube video that this phone was the new great thing with 3 cameras instead of 2? Had you read articles on the internet to decide that a dual front camera was more important and that 16 MP indicated acceptable quality? Was this the same phone that you’ve used before but was lost recently while bathing in a stream in the mountains?

However you decide on your new phone, it will be based on information the matrix shared with you. Whatever you learned from expert opinions, books read, or past personal experiences. Aren’t you able to read this based on the English language that your school taught you?

Now then, decide. Should you buy this phone?

You’ll only truly know after using it.

The question you need to ask yourself is — are you buying the phone or is it being sold to you?

Just like a river that eventually flows into the vast sea, there is no escaping the world’s codes. Even your personal code is nothing but a combination of your choices of the world’s codes.

The only freedom you can hope to have is to choose your bondage. You get to vote on which ruler controls you every few years.

But what if you gain no information and explored no experiences of the matrix? What if you were simply born at the biological age and brain of 25 today? Would you be making your ‘own’ decisions just after the time of your birth?

No. You’ll still be a slave to the oldest code that exists.

Genetic Coding.

There’s no escaping your DNA. Damn genes. Your brain and body will still be coded based on the genetic information passed on by your parents at the time of your conception.

Are you conscious or is your brain just a toy programmed to run a certain way?

Are the decisions that you make based on conscious thoughts or simply the result of hormones that your brain is wired to release in the face of certain circumstances? Do you have any free will?

Do you have fresh thoughts and generate new information, or are you just reapplying your old knowledge, playing the same tunes like a broken record?

Is your plane running on autopilot based on saved routes or are you actually steering it towards the left?

Are you acting or are you reacting?

The answer is what you choose to believe.

This is the only real choice — the only true code that is yours. This belief begins to create a personal code.

Believe that you’re always reacting, you relinquish all your power and blame the world for all your troubles. Start taking responsibility for everything in your life — you take back control and start fixing your world.

On holding yourself accountable, you’re also responsible for all the wrong things in your life. It means that you realize that you are prone to mistakes. You start knowing that you’re not perfect. And the room for self-doubt is finally created.

Only then do you begin to ponder and wonder whether your personal code is correct. And you start testing it.

Part Six: Time and Machine Learning

Tick Tock.

In 2008, the global financial system collapsed. Families relinquished houses. Working men lost jobs. Businesses shut down. When the hysteria finally died down, numerous reasons were determined and countless solutions were offered.

Before the crisis, the business media houses preached that housing is the safest investment out there. The Banks celebrated repealing the Glass-Steagall Act as the way forward for development in finance and economy. The government promised that lower interest rates would ensure continued growth and prosperity. Rating Agencies reassuring that all the bonds were AAA good.

In the aftermath, the culprits exclaimed that no one could have seen it coming. Really? Because some did.

Raghuram Rajan, an Indian economist, had served as the Chief Economist of IMF before the crisis. In 2005, Rajan delivered a controversial paper that was critical of the financial sector. In that paper, “Has Financial Development Made the World Riskier?”, Rajan “argued that disaster might loom.”

The response to Rajan’s paper at the time was negative. For example, former U.S. Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers called the warnings misguided and accused Rajan of being a “Luddite.”

What Summers did not know was that Luddites win — nine times out of ten. Because the ideas and practices that they support are ancient.

Every code defines a relationship between a set of inputs and the output. Each economic law or financial concept ever published has assumptions based on which its relationship applies. but life and reality are full of exceptions where they do not work.

These assumptions and exceptions imply limited applicability in reality. Why? Incomplete information and complexity. No book can prepare you for an exam that doesn’t have a syllabus. One can’t measure an infinite table with a 12-inch ruler. You’ll end up measuring the ruler repeatedly.

What’s the most common assumption in economic laws? ‘All human beings are rational.’ Clearly, most economists haven’t hosted dinners for crazy uncles. If this assumption was true, cancer warnings on cigarette packs would have ended smoking.

The only way any idea can be purely tested in the real world is through actual trial and error. Continuous application and observation in numerous diverse situations. Eventually, you will find out all the edge cases.

What does that imply?

What has existed since eternity, will further exist until eternity.

If an idea hasn’t been rejected until now, it’s evident that it works. The longer it has existed, the longer it has worked. The reason homeopathy has survived is that it works; albeit only due to the placebo effect. Meanwhile, people who take antibiotics for the tiniest hints of colds and fevers have sacrificed their immune system at the altar of modern ‘science’. Most of us will self-flagellate to validate our egos.

Ships that have sailed throughout the ages without sinking have survived numerous storms. Survival is the ultimate proof of strength in reality.

The older a code, the more its credibility.

Marijuana has been used by humans since 3000 BC and it was only restricted globally in the 20th century, only to be decriminalized once again in many countries in the 21st century.

Similarly, homosexuality has existed since time unknown and will continue to do so since it’s ingrained in our biological coding.

Time is the most brutal filter of class. Truly remarkable monuments are ancient but not archaic, their resilience resisting the rust of passing generations. The greatest art is not the bestseller but the classic that has been revered by people in different eras. Unfortunately, very few of us will ever read Homer or listened to Mozart.

But what ideas stand the test of time? What art turns into a classic? What feature indicates strength through survival?

Adaptability. The ability to change to achieve the needed outcome.

A code is only tested when it is doubted. Otherwise, it’s just constantly applied on autopilot without any adherence to the results. The program must adapt itself in terms of adding or reducing its inputs.

And then the code must test itself again. The code is built to test itself continuously.

This is how our ruling machines operate. Extremely self-aware. Machines capable of continuous learning.

The codes of the machines that have ruled over you since eons are self-correcting. Religions, governments, and other authoritative systems have broken some chains only when it was against popular opinion and it didn’t benefit them anymore.

As the industrial revolution unfolded, physical labor became increasingly futile for the masters. Communities, which had become valuable commodities because of their physical robustness, ceased to be ‘good’ slaves. Groups, that were seen as only domestic properties because of their physical fragility, were given more importance as work became increasingly cerebral.

Once the rules were made obsolete, codebreakers stepped in and were finally able to change public opinions about crimes like slavery, voting rights for women and abolition of the caste systems and untouchability in other countries.

Continuously ‘correcting’ themselves to maintain control. They simply use chains that keep you enslaved — without any illusions of morality. If something does not hook or captivate you well enough? It is improved or removed.

As said, for machines, every result has an implication. 1 confirms. 0 improves.

With more tests, extra information is gained and applied. More improvements to the code. Closer to achieving the ideal outcome.

And that’s why their control never dissolves.

So, how do we fight them?

Well, there’s something in our universe that follows the same process.

Part Sept: Nature, Evolution, and Happiness

Within the silent ruminations of nature, most of life’s unknown truths can be sought.

Don’t think about elephants.

Feel your neck.

Read this out loud.

Look at the tree outside.

Go out and touch its leaves.

All of what you think, feel, speak and see has been made possible through millions of years of strife. Whatever you’re today experiencing is simply a result of nature’s work. That cactus in your pot is the result of millions of years of dehydration that a plant had to adapt itself to.


All of the human civilization exists today because Eon decided that warring with weapons was better. He called his tribe wrong.

But even before doubting his tribe, Eon had to doubt himself. He had to question the utility of his fighting skills taught to him by his tribe.

Where there other Eons? Yes. They decided to build houses instead of living in caves. Discarded raw meat and began cooking their food. Envisioned the fire like a torch instead of fearing it. Killed the Apple II and built an iMac in its stead.

The Evolution of the human race begins with one individual who decides to change himself. Sometimes it just happens to change the world.

You are a ship — whose parts have been removed and replaced over time in life. And the end of it all, you’ll have to ask yourself — are you the same ship? Are your new parts stronger or are you just keeping the status quo? Are you letting the world replace your parts or are you making the decisions?

Do you check the strength of your ship’s parts or do you let someone else point it out to you? If yes, only then can you spot flaws to fix, and then can you claim to have chosen the replacements. Only then can you take responsibility for them.

Every codebreaker that declared the world wrong first had to wonder whether he was right.

The evolution of the individual starts with self-doubt.

If they confirm these doubts, they change their beliefs or codes accordingly.

But we first notice that the helm of your ship might be weak on sailing in the sea. We will only confirm our doubts when we test them against the world. By rolling the dice.

True confidence isn’t sure of success. It isn’t free of doubt. You’ll be rolling the dice while accepting that you could lose money. The risk will either give you a reward or a lesson. You become failure-proof because you win in every case.

Your flirting with Natasha doesn’t work when you seek her approval. Brad flirts shamelessly because even rejection is fun for him.

Each trip is a chance for us to kill our ego and know who we are.

Each risk, a chance for us to kill the machine’s codes and create our own code.

But Guess what? The sea is infinite, and you’ll have to keep on sailing to new ports. No port will quench your thirst for exploration. The trek for finding your self has an ever-elusive peak. It is but a mirage above the clouds that you hope to climb. There is no flirting move that will maintain the spark between Brad and Natasha forever. Every solution you create for a problem will end up causing a new problem. And if you have no problems? You’ll be depressed about having no problems to solve.

No port, neither any peak nor some solution will fulfill your life. External rewards or achievements are just ways to measure the progress of inner battles.

What then, creates fulfillment?

Sailing tells you who you are. Climbing gives you happiness. It is the flirting that keeps the spark alive between Brad and Natasha. Solving problems to create better ones keeps the wheel of meaning rolling.

Doubt yourself. Test yourself. Fail the test, try again differently. Pass the test, find a new way to doubt and test. Rinse and Repeat.

Perfection is nothing but a state of permanent progress.

Nature is a state of relentless evolution.

From an ape, the man came. But now, it’s time for the overman to rise from among us. As prophecized, only the ubermensch can defeat the overlord machines.

To fight against the ruthless machines that have programmed us, we need to create our own self-correcting code by giving in to nature. We must transform and evolve through its chaos.

So Evolve, And Enter My Matrix.

The man was born only by declaring an unceasing war on himself.